Akita International University Nakajima Library Used Book Donations

  • 国際教養大学


ABOUT 古本募金とは

  • The “AIU Nakajima Library Used Book Donations” is a system for transforming books you have read into monetary donations for AIU. Books you send to Value Books will be appraised and the purchase amount will be presented to AIU. AIU will then use the money to purchase books that students need through programs such as the “Student Book Selection Tour.”

    ※Simply put your used books in a cardboard box and make a phone call or apply via the AIU website. Shipping is free for five or more donation items.

  • Your donation will be used to purchase books for the AIU Library.

Flow 古本募金の流れ

  • 1.本・CD・DVD・ゲームを梱包 合計5冊(5点)から送料無料
  • 2.古本の集荷・仕分け・査定 VALUE BOOKS
  • 3.AIU中嶋記念図書館古本募金へ 買取金額の寄附

Application お申し込み方法

  • No need to enclose the application form in the cardboard box when you apply from the website.
  • We regret to inform that the telephone application is available only in Japanese.
  • Here are answers to frequently asked questions.